March 26 2015

Review of Metaphysics Review

John F. Brehany reviews my book in the latest issue of The Review of Metaphysics.  His main point is glowing:

The Deepest Human Life is an engaging book that can benefit anyone interested in learning more about philosophy  It can also benefit anyone who teaches philosophy, for Samuelson provides an inspiring example of an engaged teacher who both loves wisdom and sharing the fruits of his own reflections.

He does offer two "gentle and constructive critiques."  First, I don't give enough time to questions of knowledge.  Second, I don't give enough time to scholasticism.  They're both thoughtful points.  I wondered about both of them while I was writing the book.

Though they're decent criticisms, in a way the review answers itself.  Instead of a book about heavy-duty epistemology and the apparatus of scholasticism, I wrote an engaging book.  

I'm teasing - sort of.  Brehany does mention Jacques Maritain's Introduction to Philosophy.  That is a marvelous introduction to the sorts of things that Brehany wishes I dealt with more.

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