If you're able to use social media within limits, not as a way to avoid loneliness and boredom but to work through them to a more meaningful life, so as to deepen a few close friendships, while staying awake to the living opportunities all around you, then you have my admiration.  I have a hard enough time achieving those things without the distractions of Twitter, Facebook, and a cellphone. 

Here's my old-fashioned contact information.

Dr. Scott Samuelson
Associate Professor of Philosophy and the Humanities
Kirkwood Community College
1816 Lower Muscatine Road
Iowa City, IA 52240

office phone: (319) 887-3946

But I'm no technophobe!  On my Blog of Luminous Things I post thoughts, quotations, poems, recipes, and what not.  I also have a blog with my son—Billy and Dad's Music Emporium—where we (mostly) post songs and performances that we really like.

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